Lewis-Clark Early Childhood Program is looking for people to join our great team! If you are interested in employment opportunities with our agency, please submit an application for employment and indicate which position(s) is of interest.  Resumes will NOT be accepted in place of applications.  LCECP is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Download an Employment Application If you have any questions or would like a job description mailed to you, please contact the Human Resources Office at the Lewiston Center, 208-743-6573 or 866-965-2327 or email us at hr@lcecp.org.

Notice regarding emails to LCECP requesting employment information: the subject line of your email must contain the words “Request for information” followed by the job title.  Emails without this information will be deleted without being opened.


Data Coordinator –  This position has overall responsibility for the entering, tracking, monitoring and aggregating of agency data.  The Data Coordinator is responsible to ensure that all of LCECP’s data systems are efficient and accurate.  This position has overall responsibility for child tracking systems used to meet Federal and State reporting requirements, the collection, aggregating and reporting of federal match requirements throughout the agency and for the development of the community assessment. A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in information systems, business administration, statistics or a related field preferred.  Benefits include accrued leave, paid holidays, paid sick leave, group health insurance, dental insurance, life insurance, accidental death and dismemberment insurance, long term disability and a 403(b) retirement plan.  This position works 40 hours/week, 52 weeks/year.

Head Start Teacher  – This position is responsible for the implementation of direct services to the children and their families. These services include but are not limited to child development, health, nutrition, dental, mental health, and disabilities services. The Teacher has the main responsibility for the classroom and must ensure that the child development needs are met as required by the Head Start/ECEAP Performance Standards.  Must have an Associates or Bachelors degreee in Early Childhood Education or in a related field with 30 quarter credits in Early Childhood Education.  This position works 35 hours/week 37 weeks/year.  (Job Description)

Head Start Assistant Teacher (Moscow, Lewiston, Clarkston, Grangeville)This position is the second education person in the classroom and assumes the role of the teacher in his/her absence as assigned. The Assistant Teacher is responsible for the implementation of health activities within the classroom structure. This position provides support to the implementation of the daily activities of the classroom and plans these activities with the Teacher.  A minimum of a Child Development Associate credential required, Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education or related field preferred.  Benefits include two weeks paid break time, paid holidays, paid sick leave and 403(b) retirement plan. This position works 30 hours a week, 37 weeks a year. (Job Description)

Family Service Professional (Moscow) -This position is responsible for the delivery of comprehensive social services to enrolled families. It is the responsibility of this position to assure the social services and health and dental needs are met as required for each child and family assigned. This position is expected to be an active partner with each family and their child’s Teacher. The Family Services Professional will develop an individual family partnership plan for each family.  This position works 35 hours a week, 37 weeks a year. (Job Description)  

Outlying Area Cook (Craigmont) – This position is responsible for food and supply purchase, preparation and service at their assigned center. All meals will meet the Child Nutrition Program standards and all sanitation requirements. The Cook will assign and direct all kitchen volunteers. This position works 23 hours a week 36 weeks a year.  (Job Description)

Temporary Floating Aid (LC Valley and Outlying Areas) - This position will be performing services in various work areas in early childhood settings throughout the Lewis-Clark Early Childhood Program (LCECP) service areas as arranged with supervisor/manager.  Some general areas are classroom, clerical, kitchen, custodial, and maintenance (this is not necessarily an all inclusive list but are the most common areas the Agency will need the services of the Temporary Floating Aide.)  This position does not have a regular schedule but instead is assigned to an area based on need and availability.  This is a temporary, part-time position; hours vary and may range from 0 hours/week to 40 hours/week.  (Job Description)