Though the town of Orofino was sleepy on September 20, Orofino Kiwanis Club raised nearly $600.00 to help with the final costs of the LCECP Orofino Head Start Project. While Misty Tolman and her niece, Drew Lashly, of TimberJack’s Pet Services, handled the dogs, dog owners and other curious community members enjoyed Teresa Stolte’s tour of the new facility.

Pictured left are Diane Cochran, Kiwanis Member; Misty Tolman, TimberJack’s Pet Services; Teresa Stolte, LCECP Education Manager and weekend volunteer; Lyn Anderson, Kiwanis President and Orofino’s premier Avon Lady, posing with a freshly washed golden retriever. “He’s an air freshener,” his owner quipped. Other Kiwanis volunteers for the event included Bernice Pullen, Danelle Pederson and Doug Crockett. iStock_000012720633Small

Community supporter, Paul Pippenger, was among the folks who toured the facility. He was surprised, he said, by the spaciousness of the classroom, expecting to see tight cubicles for various activities. He was pleased at the layout and especially appreciated the craftsmanship reflected in the remodel. (Thank you General Operations Coordinator, Ron Reynolds, for a masterful orchestration of the many complicated and time consuming activities necessary to pull off the project in time for the beginning of the school year.)

After his tour, Mr. Pippenger visited the bakery exchange and donated a $50.00 bill for one of Cindy Freeman’s  tasty pies. (Cindy, a staff member of American West Bank, baked 6 pies for the fundraiser.) Ronatta’s Cakery also contributed glorious-looking pies that were exchanged for donations from eager donors.114_2480

Early in 2013, Joe Pippenger, formerly mayor of Orofino and owner of Panhandle Powerwash, stepped forward to be the president of the dynamic Friends of Lewis-Clark Early Childhood Program, whose other officers included Sarah Johnson, Amber Hanes Miller, and Teresa Stolte (LCECP Education Manager). Teresa  gave up many a day off for the Friends group and together with her husband, Glen, generously supported the project.

The Friends group was able to raise an incredible $30,000 in donations from individuals, 114_2489businesses and organizations in just 2 summers. The Nez Perce Tribe Executive Committee donated another $20,000, and a supplemental Head Start grant for $156,000 gave us most of what we needed to pay for the new facility.Pictured left, the elegant Lily allowing her person (Lindsey Smalley)  to lead her to the hoses. When finished, she shook herself, licked the dog groomers and bounded about like a resplendently white,  royal princess puppy.

Orofino community loves TimberJack’s Pet Services owned by Misty Tolman pictured at right. Judging by the trusting face of the Corgi (owned by Teresa and Glen Stolte), the dogs love her, too. Another terrific dog groomer, Kathy Deyo, volunteered in 2013. We appreciate the efforts of Misty and Kathy! Obviously, we couldn’t have a dog wash without them. Thanks also to Jill Renner. Among the tasty bakery goods she donated were home made dog treats to distract dogs from the cold water baths. Bribery works with dogs, too.

With fundraising efforts wrapping up, we encourage donors, businesses and organizations to attend the OPEN HOUSE and ribbon cutting ceremony on Friday, October 13, 2014, 4:30 p.m. You’ll find us across from the IGA on Orofino Elementary School grounds.  Celebrate this awesome community achievement with us!

Orofino Open House Flyer Oct 2014

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) threatens the health and well being of millions of people in this country and around the world. While some people seem to be able to overcome early trauma depending upon the intensity of the experience, many others suffer profound negative impact for the rest of their lives. Ironically, many of those deeply affected, perpetuate the same kind of experiences that damaged them in the first place, such as domestic abuse, child abuse, alcohol and/or drug addiction, failed relationships and early death from preventable diseases.ACE Pyramid Fortunately, good results have come from the identification of traumatized people suffering from the effects of ACE, when intervention strategies are made available to victims. Because the strategies are not overly complicated, and the pool of sufferers seem inordinately represented in families challenged by poverty, Lewis-Clark Early Childhood Program put together a plan to offer individuals with children enrolled in our program intervention strategies to follow through a pilot program we call Adverse Childhood Experiences Intervention/Prevention Project. We calculated the costs of such a program and figured we’d need about $50,000 to provide guided intervention strategies for about 30 adults. Our goal was to secure funding by July 1, 2014, and to launch the program at the beginning of the 2014-2015 school year. By May 20, 2014, we easily reached our funding goal, and we are deeply grateful to the following organizations for supporting our project: Twin County United Way $21,000; Inland Northwest Community Foundation $20,000; The Idaho Children’s Trust Fund $3,000;Clearwater Paper $1,500. We believe the project will accomplish some important goals. For example, intervention will improve the general health of the individuals involved, improve parenting skills, improve adult relationships, and perhaps most importantly, reduce the likelihood of traumatized adults perpetuating the cycle of domestic violence and child abuse in the Lewis-Clark Valley. Enrollment in the project will be voluntary, available to people with children enrolled in Head Start, Early Head Start, and/or Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program in Nez Perce and Asotin County. To qualify, candidates must take part in a survey  that determines level of risk as estimated by the survey responses. Interventions will be individualized to address the diverse needs of the volunteer participants.

Generous Gift to Lewis-Clark Early Childhood Program

July 31, 2014

Alice Weaver, Ken Ganskie and Cynthia Tierney were delighted to receive a $10,000 grant award presented by Dan Kane and McCoy Oatman. This is the second $10,000 grant given to support the new LCECP Head Start Center in Orofino. Mr. Kane commented that he was proud of the decision to continue to support the setup […]

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Nez Perce Sends Notice of Award

July 11, 2014

For the second year in a row, the Nez Perce Tribal Executive Committee awarded a $10,000 grant to Lewis-Clark Early Childhood Program to help complete the remodel of the new Head Start center in Orofino. The first tribal award for $10,000 in 2013 was applied toward the purchase of the buildings needed to provide staff and classroom spaces […]

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Wells Fargo Gives to Lewis-Clark Early Childhood Program

July 11, 2014

 The past decade of scientific research in early childhood brain development has confirmed that the birth-to five-year-old period is critically important for establishing a child’s ability to adapt. The support given to preschool-age children helps them develop the learning and social skills that are vital for a successful future. A major project to improve the Lewis-Clark […]

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Nez Perce Tribe, A History of Giving

September 11, 2013

In April of 2013 Lewis-Clark Early Childhood Program applied for Nez Perce Tribal Local Education Funding to support relocating the Head Start classroom in Orofino from a rented space a distance from the school, to the grounds of the elementary school. We were notified in late July of our grant award of $10,000. This large […]

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Kiwanis Kids Penny Drive

August 11, 2013

Kiwanis Kids: A recent trip to Orofino to pick up $200.00 collected by Orofino Elementary School students who are part of the Kiwanis Kids group, was a truly heartwarming experience. As you see by the picture, they are not only a beautiful group, but proud and very responsible. Thank you! K-Kids for collecting two hundred […]

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American West Bank Supports LCECP

August 11, 2013

Helen LeBoeuf, Manager of American West Bank awards $840.00 in Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) funds to support Lewis-Clark Early Childhood Program (LCECP), a regional provider of Head Start, Early Head Start and Washington Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program. Increasingly, donations to Head Start and other high quality early education facilities, help financial institutions meet their CRA […]

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Avista Supports LCECP Orofino Head Start Relocation

July 11, 2013

Mike Tatko, Regional Business Manager of Avista, presents Lewis-Clark Early Childhood Program grant writer, Cynthia Tierney, with an award of $580.00 for the Orofino classroom relocation. In 2012, Avista awarded $10,000 to LCECP to support the first phase of the Hurlbut Mansion renovation. Thanks, Avista, for your continued support.

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The LCECP Orofino Head Start Project

May 11, 2013

The Invitation: Robert Vian, Superintendent of Joint School District 171, home of Orofino Elementary School, has invited Lewis-Clark Early Childhood Program to move in!  In his letter of support, Mr. Vian lists a number of advantages for both the community and the school district: “For years, our school district has absorbed the cost of transporting students who […]

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